You've probably heard the frequently quoted statistic that 74% of all breaches involve the human element. Employees make mistakes, engage in risky behaviours, and are targeted by social engineering attacks - all of which can lead to devastating breaches.

However, despite organisations investing heavily in traditional security and awareness training content, human error remains. That’s because this isn’t an effective method for accurately measuring and managing human risk.

In 2018, James Moore founded CultureAI to enable organisations to tangibly reduce their human cyber risk. An ethical hacker with over 12 years’ experience in offensive and defensive cybersecurity, James has a deep understanding of how vulnerabilities can be exploited and what precautions organisations should take.

The CultureAI Human Risk Management Platform enables security teams to identify workplace security risks, coach employees in the moment, and automate fixes. It provides visibility into real-world risks, integrating seamlessly with the modern tech stack to consolidate all an organisation’s workplace risks on a single dashboard.

The scalability of the their platform enables it to meet the unique needs of any organisation, offering various solutions and integrations that can be customised as needed. Above all, their dedication to innovation ensures that their platform evolves in tandem with the rapidly changing risk landscape.

Meet the CultureAI team

After a fantastic first experience as our Platinum Partner in 2023, CultureAI is taking the same prestigious role in this year’s Big SASIG to share its expertise and knowledge, as well as becoming an annual Supporter for 2024.

The team are excited to meet more of the SASIG community and learn from the cybersecurity professionals who will be attending on the day.

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Nudges: Turning mistakes into opportunities

The term 'nudge' has become a buzzword in cybersecurity in recent years, but very few organisations embrace ‘nudge theory’ effectively. Instead of empowering employees to make their own choices, many security teams bombard them with easily dismissible reminders and notifications to complete security awareness training modules.

In this workshop, we'll explore how a well-executed security nudge can turn a mistake into an opportunity. Join CultureAI's Founder and CEO, James Moore, to discover key strategies and how nudges can be utilised to:

  • Fix risks without requiring SOC intervention.
  • Reduce the mean time to resolution.
  • Enable employees to assess their own risks and fix them automatically with a single click.
  • Reinforce policies and training.
  • Help identify areas where processes aren't working or can be enhanced.