CISO Safe Space Charter


SASIG originated as a user-only membership group. In recent years we have introduced Supporters who operate under a strict Charter that maintains the brand, spirit and ethos of the group. This SASIG Charter is based on two main principles:

  • Suppliers and CISOs should be able to interact as equals, but this depends on respect and courtesy from both sides.
  • Members can attend SASIG events confident that they will not be harassed by salespeople then or subsequently.

The SASIG Charter is unanimously complied with by our Supporters. The benefits of working to the Charter are proven and welcomed by both sides:

  • CISOs with real requirements can discuss these with knowledgeable representatives of suppliers with innovative, appropriate and effective solutions.
  • CISOs are more willing to engage in an environment where they are protected from harassment by over-persistent, non-specialist salespeople.
  • Suppliers can put forward their specialists and senior salespeople in the knowledge that their time will be well spent building productive, respectful relationships with end-user budget holders, decision makers and influencers. No-one’s time is wasted.

At Big SASIG we are opening our doors to a wider group of organisations. The strict “no selling” rule would not be appropriate for this event where exhibitors, including Supporters, are paying to attend. However, we need to ensure that SASIG’s unique ethos and reputation is preserved, for the benefit of our membership and Supporters, and to protect SASIG’s high reputation. To do this, an evolution of the SASIG Charter is necessary, that extends the principles of this code to Exhibitors at Big SASIG.

The SASIG CISO Safe Space Charter

If you've ever been to a SASIG event, you know there's something different about them. The energy and passion our members have for learning from one another, and sharing knowledge and networking with each other, is legendary.

Every one of our events is designed as a creative and nurturing environment for members to enjoy collective support and mutual respect from one another. SASIG is committed to providing an inclusive and supportive space for all members, speakers and Supporters – and that includes their personal safety too.

We welcome differing opinions and open discussions at our events but expect these conversations to be engaged in with respect and professionalism. Any person attending a SASIG event, either online or in person, represents the organisation they work for and is accountable for their language and behaviour.

Zero-tolerance of bullying or harassment
SASIG operates a zero-tolerance policy for any form of bullying or harassment. If a behaviour is reported that is not in accordance with this Charter, members may be asked to leave immediately by a member of the SASIG team. Depending on the nature of the complaint, more serious sanctions may be taken, such as revoking the offender’s membership.

SASIG also recognises that any of us can make a mistake sometimes. If someone has unwittingly said or done something that makes you feel uncomfortable, whoever they are, you should feel able to let them know, either directly or through a member of the SASIG team.

If you have inadvertently said or done something that has made another member feel uncomfortable, you should recognise that and be able to apologise.

Reporting untoward behaviour
All complaints will be taken seriously, treated with respect and in confidence, and promptly investigated. We will support you in making your complaint, which you can do by:

  • In-person - Speaking to one of the SASIG team at our in-person events. You can familiarise yourself with them here.
  • By phone - We are available on 01234 707 035 between 8am and 6pm.
  • By email - You can write to us at

The SASIG Safe Space Charter for Exhibitors at Big SASIG

  • SASIG members value meaningful discussions with well informed, expert representatives from supply-side organisations. SASIG expects participating businesses to make available the appropriate team to service these discussions.
  • At Big SASIG, exhibitors will be free to exploit responsibly and tactfully all introductions made and opportunities encountered via their Big SASIG activities but agree to act in a manner that protects the SASIG spirit. Hard-selling and blanket-marketing techniques will not work with the SASIG membership and will be censored equally by the audience and the organisers.
  • SASIG will endeavour to facilitate introductions, invite and encourage attendance at workshops, and book one-to-one meetings between guests and exhibitors, before, during and after the event. Exhibitors are also free to network with, and approach, guests during the event but must respect any who decline to engage. Repeated follow-up contact with any such guest would be in breach of this Charter.
  • Sponsors will not receive a list of contact details of all guests, but are free to seek these from guests during workshops, meetings and discussions during the event.
  • SASIG expects exhibitors to carefully observe legislation relating to personal data and direct
    marketing. Where positive consent is not given, exhibitors are not expected to add guests to marketing lists or to pursue them with unsolicited calls.
  • Workshop content should be informative and - whilst demonstrating the company’s strengths and abilities - it must not represent a direct sales pitch.