Prevent, protect, insure: How to reduce risk and lower insurance premiums

According to IBM, the ‘Mean Time To Identification’ (MTTI) of a cybersecurity breach in 2023 was 204 days, with 73 days required to contain the breach, explaining why cyber-risk insurance premiums continue to escalate. Cybercriminals achieve stealth-mode by using a variety of sophisticated techniques and tactics to secure an incursion point, often exploiting unpatched or zero-day vulnerabilities, or abusing human behavior through audacious social engineering attacks. 
Join us to uncover some of the evolving trends in the threat landscape, including the trade of unknown vulnerabilities. We'll discuss how you can reduce risks and insurance premiums with threat intelligence and managed detection and response, an essential layer of a ‘prevention first’ defense in any organisation’s cybersecurity posture.

3:15 PM - 3:45 PM
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Broadgate 2