A world at war: Geopolitics and cybersecurity

Since the end of the Cold War, we have enjoyed over 30 years of relative peace and stability. Even that cold war’s impact seemed distant for those of us lucky enough to live in the West - war was someone else’s problem, not ours. Recent events have exposed this deceit. A major war in Europe has raged for two years, with the ever-present risk that it could escalate across Europe, while conflict in the Levant threatens to engulf the Middle East in a wider conflagration. In Asia, China poses the biggest challenge to Western influence, committed to Taiwan’s return to Beijing’s control whether by peaceful means or not. These are the physical manifestations of the ideological struggle in the grey zone between despot regimes and liberal democracy, a struggle the West thought it had already won. This conflict of values is unlikely to end soon. Our adversaries have been quick to embrace the potential of digital technology to steal our IP on an industrial scale, to undermine our faith in our institutions through calculated disinformation campaigns and to disrupt our trust and sense of security. We face significant challenges, not least to our perception of the world we inhabit. Join our panel of experts to discuss: What are the escalating cyber risks related to geopolitical tensions, and how do we mitigate them? What collectively do we need to do to keep the UK safe in the dangerous world we live in? What are our priorities in protecting the UK’s critical national infrastructure? How can we leverage the growing geopolitical dimensions of cybersecurity threats as an effective vehicle to engage with our Boards, sensitise them to the potential impact upon our businesses and, thus more effectively, influence our conversations with them?

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM
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Broadgate 2