CultureAI gives organisations real-time visibility into human risks on a wide variety of different user behaviours to get meaningful insights on individual users, departments and teams, or the company as a whole. The key is to combine these goals with clever automation to drive long-term behaviour change.

Through a combination of human risk visibility and automation, CultureAI empowers companies to see a meaningful change in their security culture and reduce risk as a result. CultureAI is able to benefit security teams by focusing on automation and relevancy, as well as having the ability to track human risk across the platforms that companies are already using. Users are engaged through gamified learning and rewards, as well as clear and concise training that is relevant to each employee.

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Using behavioural data to drive end-to-end human risk management

Are you tired of feeling like you're in the dark when it comes to managing human risk? Imagine being able to see the whole picture and having the tools to navigate it successfully. In this presentation, we'll take you on a journey to uncover the hidden treasure trove of behavioural data and show you how to use it to change behaviour at scale. But we don't stop there; we'll also equip you with strategies for when change efforts hit a roadblock, and show you how data can give your employees the power to be their own risk management heroes.

We'll provide the tools and knowledge you need for end-to-end human risk management.